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  • Hi, I recently bought this set and just finished putting it together, I have found out that it bows in the center lifting up the middle of the boddy and makes it disconnect the only 2 studs holding it together at the front and the back, is there any way of fixing this problem. I am using completely new bricks.

    Sitting with the Vulture at my desk as I write this. I believe you're referring to the two 1x10 plates connected at the bottom of the body. They help keep the disc structure of the droid together and looking at it closely yes I can see a little bowing between the plates and the rest of the droid. Having built 3 different verisons of the model we haven't yet had a problem with this piece of the model popping off. I can see why you also included the detail that you've used only new bricks as some of the old studs could be a bit loose. We've also found that cleaning bricks with a small amount of lense cleaner is good way to get micro amount of oil from hands and fingers off the bricks and it's a good way to get mixel/ball joints to stick with better friction, could be helpful here.

    My first/second suggestion would be to press all the bricks together as tightly as possible for the disc section fo the body. It's possible there are a few micro gaps between some of the plates that make up the body and they could cumulate to a sizable enough gap to pull the 1x10s off the studs. Try this and let me know if that works.

  • Hi just wondering what you think the cheapest/most swooshable Star Wars fighter is

    The vulture droid certainly is one of the cheaper models to acquire the parts for. In terms of starfighters, some colors for the A-wing are also on the cheaper side. All approximate bricklink prices are listed in the descriptions. 

    For swooshable...ness, the vulture droid is close to the top of the list being small, light, and strong. In general all our models can be handled pretty comfortably, with small guns and such sticking off the body being easy to knock off. Out of all the starfighters, the Y-wing is overall probably the easiest swoosh without anything breaking off, and all the TIE models are built like rocks basically.

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