Getting Started

Building custom Lego models might seem daunting at first but here at Brick Vault it's our goal to make this process easy. The video below will show you how to open your order files and how to order parts from


Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q: Bricklink is not accepting my partlist what am I doing wrong?

A: On PC - right-click the xml partlist file and chose "open with", then select "Wordpad". If you're on a MAC right-click, open with, then select "textedit". Once open copy/paste the text, starting with <INVENTORY>. The “How to” video on this page goes into much greater detail if you would like more info.

 Q: How much does it cost to build your models?

A: Each model page should have an estimated parts cost in the description based on average Bricklink orders.

 Q: Why do my parts cost more/ less than what your description says?

A: Prices tend to fluctuate on the brick-buying market place. There are also a few useful techniques that can be found on the “How To” video that may bring the cost down for you. 

 Q: Can you just sell the parts and instructions?

A: We don't currently have plans to do that as it requires a HUGE amount of work and we would have to markup the prices massively. Ordering the pieces yourself will always be the least expensive option.

 Q: I want to sell my models on your site, how can I do that?

A: Click on the "sell your designs" tab of the website and fill out that form. Make sure to include picture files or links to images of your creations. We are looking for extremely high build quality and durability so keep that in mind!

 Q: Where you buy parts from?

A: There are several brick-buying websites. In the studio we exclusively order from due to their price point and higher diversity of parts to choose from.

 Q: Do you ship LEGO bricks to my country?

A: No, we do not ship LEGO bricks, purchases are for instructions and partlists only.

 Q: Do you include minfigures in your partlists?

A: No, minfigures are not included. The best fig for a set is pretty subjective so we let you decide. Often our READ ME files will have suggestions and BL links though :)

 Q: How do you estimate part cost?

A: We use the “buy all” function on bricklink and conduct 3 different searches, from there we take the highest and lowest costs and include them as the final approximate cost. 

 Q: Do you factor shipping into your estimated cost? 

A: Yes. Most brick vendors are located in the U.S. and Europe compared to the rest of the world. This means the part cost is most accurate for people living in these places. If you are living outside of these places the average shipping cost from each vendor will increase your final price for all the bricks. 

 Q: How do you print your stickers? What kind of paper/ printer do you use?

A: We do our best to avoid stickers, but there are a few models that greatly benefit from some extra sticker detailing. We use a Samsung C43x laser printer and white gloss Maestro Label Designer paper. If you do not own a laser printer and you are only trying to print stickers for a single creation you might want to visit your local printshop. 

Q: How big is minifigure scale? Mico scale? Nano scale?

A: Minifigure scale matches most closely with a common lego minifigure. The scale ratio is 1:43 where one fig meter =  2.87 studs or 2.3cm.Our models can fluctuate slightly above or below these measurements.

Microscale has a ratio of 1:250, 1 stud = 2 meters.
Nanoscale is 1:1375, 1 stud = 11 meters.

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