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Building custom Lego models might seem daunting at first but here at Brick Vault it's our goal to make this process easy. The video below will show you how to open your order files and how to order parts from

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Bricklink is not accepting my partlist what am I doing wrong?
A: On PC - right-click the xml partlist file and chose "open with", then select "Wordpad". If you're on a MAC right-click, open with, then select "textedit". Once open copy/paste the text, starting with <INVENTORY>.
Q: How much does it cost to build your models?
A: Each model page should have an estimated parts cost based on average Bricklink orders.
Q: Can you just sell the parts and instructions?
A: We don't currently have plans to do that as it requires a HUGE amount of work and we would have to markup the prices massively.
Q: I want to sell my models on your site how can I do that?
A: Click on the "sell your designs" tab of the website and fill out that form. Make sure to include picture files or links to images of your creations. We are looking for extremely high build quality and durability so keep that in mind!
Q: Do you plan to add more sets beyond Star Wars to your inventory?
A: Yes we have plans to do, super hero sets, car sets and more! Stay tuned to our YouTube and social media accounts for the announcements.

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