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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

UCS Fifth Element Taxi Police Chase


Instructions Only!

 The Fifth Element has one of the greatest car chase scenes of all time. It's fast, clever, and incredibly fun! The bloated NYPD run into the wrong cab driver when Leeloo drops in, then it's off to the races. The flying cars take the chase the left right up and down, dodging trains, and diving through traffic. The movie's unique aesthetic has served to inspire creators ever since its release in 1997. 

Built above minfigure scale, the Taxi and Police car have easily removable roofs with fully furnished interiors. The models are very strong, swooshable if you like, and comes with display stands as well :)

Taxi Notes:

  • BrickLink Price (Taxi): ~$240 - $310 USD
  • BrickLink Price (Stand): ~$35 -$40
  • Part Count: (Taxi) 1853 pieces, (stand) 233 pieces
  • Printable Sticker sheet (PDF)

Police Car Notes:

  • BrickLink Price (Police Car with Stand): ~$200 - $215 USD
  • Part Count: (Police Car with Stand) 1853 pieces
  • Printable Sticker sheet (PDF)


    PDF Manual and Sticker Sheet & Partlist (XML and txt) for Bricklink.


    David Duperron -  Flickr


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