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UCS Fifth Element Police Car

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.


Instructions Only!

 The Fifth Element has one of the most unforgettable portrayals of New York city in cinema history. Just like the old-timey flying cars, the NYPD in both attitude and style harken back to a classic and crude time. The bulging Cop Car is the perfect mechanical counter-part for it's portly McDonalds-eating occupants. It's movements look both sluggish and grace-full as it attempts to wrangle a pesky taxi cab. 

Built above minfigure scale, this Police car has an easily removable roof with a fully furnished interior. The model is very strong, swooshable if you like, and comes with a display stand as well :)


  • BrickLink Price (Police Car with Stand): ~$200 - $215 USD
  • Part Count: (Police Car with Stand) 1853 pieces
  • Printable Sticker sheet (PDF)


    PDF Manual and Sticker Sheet & Partlist (XML and txt) for Bricklink.


    David Duperron -  Flickr

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