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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Republic Fighter Tank TX-130T - Minifig Scale


Instructions Only!

The Republic Fighter Tank or TX-130 packs a mean punch. It is most well known for its appearance in Battlefront. After seeing it in action in the game it's a shame it never graced the big screen. This Tank is fast and holds an immense amount of firepower for being so small. Normally operated by just two clone troopers, it was one of the most effective combat vehicles for its size.  The Model can seat 2 minfigures.


This purchase is for the instructions of The Republic Fighter Tank & Imperial Fighter tank. The estimated parts cost is approximately $45 ~ $75 with the Republic Fighter Tank being a little cheaper on average than the Imperial one.


PDF Instruction manual & XML part lists for Bricklink.


Lucas Hüter - Flickr


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