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  • Hi brickvault, Just wanted to ask whether briklink will tax the lego bricks (parts) needed to build this epic moc and more or less what shipping fees would be internationally and whether it ships to South Africa? Thank you


    All our approximate prices listed (inlcude shipping and taxes) in the descriptions are most accurate for those living in the U.S. or Europe. Shipping to South Africa (anywhere outside Europe or the U.S.) will greatly increase the final price for your LEGO build.

  • Good evening, i'm considering buying the partlist but im afraid that the cost will be much higher then 175-200USD. Could you maybe give me an actual cost for shipping to Germany?


    We cannot approximate shipping costs to Germany or each individual country, unfortunately. As we are based in the U.S. we approximate shipping costs based on what we encounter, but we cannot account for much more than that. I will say over the years we've found the U.S. and Europe are considerably cheaper to build in due to most of the brick vendors being located in these areas. I did just reapproximate the cost of the Defender though, $115 USD total from 5 vendors in the U.S. and 1 from Sweden. My guess is that the approximate costs after shipping would be pretty close to our initial estimate, but I am unaware of German tax costs/ weight requirements, so your guess might be better than mine.


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