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  • How can i get a lower price than listed? its showing me around $450 USD to get everything from Germany. Why is this instruction list not updated to show that its going to cost a lot to get the parts i need so I don't end up feeling like i wasted money on these instructions.

    I just another 8 searches for the MOC via quickbuy on bricklink. 4 for each version of the model. It has fluctuated to $225 - $250 now. Higher than before, but still considerably less than what you're getting. 

    Our method of determenting approximate price goes as follows:

    4 quickbuy searches (not the cheapest way of searching for stores, but the fastest and easiest).

    The searches are: U.S. stores only, European stores only, European Union stores only, and a worldwide search with no limits.

    Because we are based in the U.S. we add $5.50 for every store from the U.S. that we buy from (our average) and $16.50 for every international store (our average)

    We total the bricks and multiple shipping prices together rounding up to the nearest $5 to get final prices and include the high and low ones in the description. 

    I looks like you may have limited your search parameters so much that the only stores that pop-up for you are listing quite high prices. 

    Also we have an extensive and evergrowing list of stores that are disliked/blocked from our auto searches because they overcharge.

    Try expanding your geographical parameters to locations outside Germany and disliking some stores that feel like they are charging to much for bricks.

  • Is it cheaper to order parts from bricks and pieces or brick link

    This is a top comment on a reddit thread that I agree with: 

    Pick-a-Brick Pros: cheap shipping (or free if you order >$75), you earn VIP points, and you're ellible for promo bags just like if you were buying a set, price per part usually better than B&P (though not always), brand new pieces Cons: very limited selection of currently in production parts, price per part can be higher than BL (though not always) Bricks & Pieces Pros: broad range of currently in production pieces, cheap shipping, brand new pieces Cons: usually more $$ than PaB or BL Bricklink Pros: whatever piece you want, someone's got it. Very broad selection of parts current and old, new and used, specialty or plain Cons: shipping can really bite you, especially internationally. Can be an expensive learning curve.

  • Is an estimated price of shipping included with the estimated cost of all the pieces for bricklink?

    it's listed in the description, but for clarity:

    We live in the U.S. and include the approximate shipping costs that pertain to those that live in the states. We do estimate part costs based on U.S. stores and international stores from bricklink. 
    Depending on where you live the international shipping cost can be more.

  • Is it cheaper to order most of the parts on bricks and pieces? Do you estimate shipping costs on your final price estimate as well?

    There are a few parts on bricks and pieces that can be listed for less, in general it's not the case. Also a lot of our models use bricks that are not sold on bricks and pieces.

    Shipping costs are included with our estimates. We are located in the U.S. however, so prices can change depending on where you live.

  • Is it a play set

    All of our models are built with display in mind as default. That being said we try to make models as robust as possible without sacrificing important details. The Republic Gunship is one of the strongest models in the webstore. Despite its considerable weight, the model is very playable.

  • I live in Russia. Can I buy your products? If so, how will she come to me? Is there overpayment?

    All our instructions are digital downloads. No shipping is necessary.

  • have shipments to Guatemala and specific address and has the 22 clones that can be introduced

    We do not ship pieces. This is for the instructions only and they are download.

  • Do you have any instruction leaflet ?

    All instructions are digital downloads

  • DO you ship none online instructions. like real ones that come with sets.

    No. All our instructions come via digital download

  • Hi. My download contains the XML's for normal wings with 264 part and V2 wings with 263 part, but nothing for the rest of the parts. ORDER #9829


    The numbers 264 and 263 represent the different 'lots' each of the models contain. A 'lot' in lego terms is certain type of piece (factoring for shape and color).  If you click "buy all" in either wanted list, the final part count will appear when the vendors have been located.

  • is it just the instructions

    yes instructions only

  • do you have to pick every part by yourself or do you have like a quick buy?

    Each instruction set comes with a digital partlist that can be uploaded online to make quick orders. Check out our FAQ page for more information:

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