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  • Does this batmobile come with the Lego batman minifigure from the video?


    none of the figures are included for the part count/cost.

  • Does it have a minifigure in the set

    No minfigure is included on the partlist. Pieces do not come with instructions.

  • I live in Germany and i wounder if brickscout has all the peaces so you that hope you have a great week so far pls respond:)

    My guess is brickscout will not have all the parts, but I did not check the exact file. has the widest variety of pieces on the internet (with many German vendors).

  • Is it only the instructions? Or do you guys like send the parts to build it?

    Instructions only + partlist

  • Does the Minifigure fit inside of the car

    yup :) you can see it in the video as well

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