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The Expanse - Rocinante and Razorback - Micro Scale


Instructions Only!

Truly the workhorse of the solar system and maybe even the galaxy. Originally built as The Tachi, an MCRN Corvette-class light frigate. It was "legitimately salvaged" by James Holden and his crew during an attack on the Donnager. Renamed Rocinante, this rag-tag crew finds themselves in the middle of alien first contact and trying to prevent a war. Designed with utility, realism, and purpose in mind, this ship is sure to go down as a classic. The Transplanetary racing Razorback is also included.

Included with your purchase are part lists,  PDF instructions for three color variations of the Rocinante, the Razorback, and their respective stands. 

Parts Cost: 

Prices tend to vary ~ $65 to $85 USD (for any color combo, stand included) ~ $15 Razorback

Part Count:  306 pieces (gray or black and orange). 342 pieces (black and red). 67 pieces Razorback

Ship on Stand: Length 5cm, Width 13cm, Height 21cm

Ship off Stand: Length 19cm, Width 5cm, Height 5cm

Files: PDF Manual & Partlist for Bricklink

Builder: Kevin J. Walter - Flickr | Instagram

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