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  • Hi ! The last picture of the building instructions shows some kind of light coming out of the backlights of the car. Is there another way to build the rear of the car go insert a light system ? Thanks fot these instructions, the Time Machine just look incredible (on paper), I'm looking forward to order the pieces and start building !!

    We saw that too. Dave made a lighting system for his DeLorean and we hope to bring a lighting guide for the model at some point. Currently none exist.

  • Hi thinking of getting the delorean and o was wondering if there are any way I could buy the bricks for it?

    We don't sell bricks along with the instructions. Purchasing pieces directly from online sellers is the cheapest way for you to get your model. I believe there may be services out there that can buy and ship selected bundles of bricks, but the cost for a model dramatically increases.

  • Hi does the set includes all the parts required to build the delorean with instructions ? or need to purchase separatetly Thanks

    This is just the PDF instructions and digital partlist, it comes in both XML and txt. file format.

  • Can I buy these parts in Amazon

    I know some people sell bricks on amazon, but our models require very specific pieces and I don't think you'll have much luck. We recommend bricklink, but there are other brickselling sites to choose as well.

  • Any rare, very hard to find, retired or expensive parts used?

    Rare is kind of a relative term in the custom building world, but certainly there are rare/ less common parts included. We structure our designs in a way so that the pieces required for a build won't run out after many people buy the parts for the model. We also run through the model looking for outliers and try to knock out as many of the most expensive/rare pieces as we can when it doesn't hurt the look or structure of the MOC.

  • is there a list of bricks I need in the instructions?

    It comes with an XML file partlist that can be uploaded online to order the pieces.

  • Hi, Where do I get the pieces for this build?

    We recommend but there are other brick-buying websites that can be used as well. Chech out our FAQ page:

  • How much will all pieces cost. Where can I get the pieces

    The approximate part cost is listed in the description. We determine the price with shipping cost of vendors included. We are based in the U.S. and the approximate costs are most accurate for those living in The States. It can be more for those shipping outside the U.S. or Europe. 

    Please see the FAQ page for more info on how to order parts:

  • Hello, can you deliver the goods to mainland China? How much is the postage?

    We do not make deliveries for instructions. Everything is done via digital download.

  • What are the round(ish) blue parts behind Mr. Freeze? Been looking for them forever.

    It's the rubbery shoulder pieces from the Nexo Knights robots :){%22color%22:7,%22iconly%22:0}

  • Hi im interrested to buy this instructions but how much do the parts cost? Including the instructions. Im thanking you already! P.s. if my english is rubbish im dutch so yeah.

    BrickLink Price: ~$290 - $315 USD

  • Hi. We want the instructions and all the pieces to build the delorean. How i can have all?

    We do not sell the parts for the models. We provide instructions and a digital partlist that can be uploaded online to order the pieces. Please see our FAQ for mroe information:

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