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  • Hi, do you Make a instruction for the Phantom to ?

    It's in the works.

  • Since there ist no Indicator for the Date, i want to ask the same question. When ist there going to be the updated Version of the Ghost and Phantom I / II ? Thanks and keep up the great work

    Currently Sean Miller is working on the updated Ghost at the moment (possibly 2 months out). We also want The Phantom I ready for completing Yavin IV so that should follow soon as well. Our Phantom II was nearly done, but scrapped/shelved it for now.  It's hard to tell for sure with the Phantoms, but the ghost 2.0 is moving through the process right now.

  • Any update on the Phantom 1 and 2 minifig scale?

    We got kinda close to a Phantom II not too long ago, but scrapped the plans hoping to mark out a more solid design. When we get close to some final designs we'll let ya know!

  • What are the dimensions of the Ghost??

    length 99cm, width 96cm, height 37cm. just added to the description :)

  • Where do we get all the peices

    we recommend

  • Are the instructions included

    Yes, This purchase is for the PDF instructions and digital list of parts required to build. This does not include the pieces for the model, we do not ship parts from this webstore.

  • I hate to ask. But, do you an ETA on the Phantom? There are no dates on the questions below, so I don't know if they are from yesterday or 6 months ago. Thanks!!


    We currently have the parts arriving for the Phantom II. There will be some troubleshooting and fine tweaking possibly for this model, but it's well into the final design, so it may be done in a couple of weeks. (We are also tweaking the Ghsot2.0 that we want to update/ launch at the same time, can't say for sure it feels roughly a month out)

    Phantom I is still a bit earlier in the design phase so we will see with that one.

  • For those of us who bought the current instructions. Will there be a free upgrade to 2.0 when it's out?

    Yes! Ramon is building the 2.0 panels as I write :)

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