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  • How do you get the guns to come together? The bar peices are too short

    I assume you are referring to the long bar piece used in the center of each gun sub-assembly. This is piece 4095 (on BL) Bar 6.6L with Stop Ring (Patio Umbrella Stand).

    you might be confusing it with piece 63965 Bar 6L with Stop Ring. They can look similar at first glance, but the longer one is required.

  • I am trying to purchase the parts, but when i try to, the parts listed on recycled brick are wrong!? I can't purchase the entire thing! (what i am trying to order) (What shows up on recycled brick)

    This is my first time hearing of recycled brick. Their link to bricklink isn't working for me when I go to their website, but I think they are a single bricklink store. What you are seeing is only the items they sell. You need to open your partlist search to a much larger net of vendors on bricklink in order to acquire the parts you need. please see our FAQ page for more information on how to order pieces.

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