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  • I am interested in purchasing the DeLorean Time Machine instructions and parts. I was wondering where can I go to buy the individual pieces.

    Now we don't officially endorse any specific brick-buying website, there are a few good ones out there. is the one we use the most. It's got a bigger pool of vendors to choose from and therfore the largest variety of pieces. Also the prices are usually better. is probably the next biggest one, we found they can be good if you're buying a smaller variety of pieces. Even then I'd check what bricklink has too. 

    Please see Q1 from our FAQ page on how to upload you digital partlist if you have any trouble.

  • will a list of bricks be provided?

    Yes, It comes as a digital partlist, coded text. It can be uploaded online to any brick-buying site. Check out Q1 from our FAQ page to see hoq that is done. Also the first page of the PDF says 2015 pieces total, there was an update and the final partlist is 2010.

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