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  • Is there an option to only buy instruction for the AT-ACT?

    No we don't provide that option. This was originally going to be just the AT-AT, but because the AT-ACT is very similar in a lot of ways we decided to add it on. We think of it as AT-AT instructions with an alternate skin as an extra.

  • Hello! I have just purchased the parts to the AT AT, and will be purchasing instructions very soon! However there is one problem, part 2515 in LGB is really rare and there isn't anyone BL selling it atm, and not on eBay either. I also cannot get ahold of part 4315 in LGB, I'm wondering if that part shows on the outside? Thank you

    The parts listed on rebrickable may not be fully up to date. 2515 should be listed in LG and there are still many stores still selling it:{%22color%22:%229%22,%22ss%22:%22US%22,%22iconly%22:0}

    Same goes for part 4315:{%22color%22:%229%22,%22ss%22:%22US%22,%22iconly%22:0}

  • Do you get the parts as well for this price?

    No. Please read the full description

  • Hey Jack, I was wondering if the instructions/ parts list included the power functions. If so, is there an easy way to remove them from the order? -Harrison

    Yes the instructions and partlist include the power functions. It should be pretty easy to delete the parts from your bricklink list. You can avoid the power functions part of the instructions, though there would still be small areas inside the model that are designed to hold the battery pack etc...

  • Can i buy the pieces to build this too ? if yes then how much would it be

    We do not sell the pieces:
    BrickLink Price: ~$1,100 USD

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