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Mad Max Collection

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.


Builder: Nicola Stocchi

Instructions Only!

One of the most well-realized post-apocalyptic universes to ever hit the big screens was MAD MAX: Fury Road. In a world of scarce resources, brutal battles take place in the desert-scape over the little left worth fighting for. The war vehicles aren't just renowned relics of the past world, but each one has a personal flair and they take their hierarchical place in Joe's militia just like everyone else.

Vehicles included: The War Rig, The Doof Wagon, The Giga Horse, The Elvis, and Nux Car

Files: PDF Manual & Partlist for Bricklink. 

War Rig Specs: 

Parts Cost: 3,323 parts. Prices tend to vary ~  $350 to $400

Dimensions:  Length 81cm, Width 12cm, Height 22cm

Doof Wagon Spec:

Parts Cost: 3,033 parts. Prices tend to vary ~ $325 to $350

Dimensions: Length 44cm, Width 20cm, Height 30cm

Giga Horse Specs:

 Parts Cost: 1,193 parts. Prices tend to vary ~  $140 to $165

Dimensions: Length41cm,  Width 16cm, Height 24cm

Elvis and Nux Car Specs:

Parts Cost:

278 parts for The Elvis (Roughly $35 - $45)

425 part for The Nux Car (Roughly $50 - $60) 

Builder: Nicola Stocchi - | Flickr Twitter

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