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replies may take a couple of days

replies may take a couple of days

UNSC Bundle

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.

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Instructions Only!

Some of the UNSC Space Marine's favorite toys. Whether land or sky, these are some of the best vehicles needed to take on the Covenant. 

These models have a variety of functions and are designed to be playable. Please follow the links to the individual instructions page to see a more detailed description of each vehicle.


This purchase is for the instructions and part lists ONLY. Please do keep in mind prices tend to fluctuate on the brick selling market.


Warthog M12

  • bricklink.com Price: ~$50 - $60 USD
  • Part Count: 321 pieces
  • Dimensions: Length 14cm, Width 9cm, Height 10cm

Scorpion Tank

  • bricklink.com Price: ~$110 - $125 USD
  • Part Count: 1017 pieces
  • Dimensions: Length 25cm, Width 17cm, Height 12cm

Hannibal Mantis + Stand

  • bricklink.com Price: ~$75 - $95 USD
  • Part Count: 990 pieces
  • Dimensions: Length 15cm, Width 23cm, Height 26cm

ONI Mantis + Stand

  • bricklink.com Price: ~$85 - $105 USD
  • Part Count: 951 pieces
  • Dimensions: Length 15cm, Width 23cm, Height 26cm


  • bricklink.com Price: ~$70 - $85 USD
  • Part Count: 685 pieces (stand included)
  • Dimensions: Length 34cm, Width 38cm, Height 14cm, 25cm (on stand)


  • bricklink.com Price: ~$100 - $125 USD
  • Part Count: 977 pieces (stand included)
  • Dimensions: Length 36cm, Width 28cm, Height 11cm, 23cm (on stand)


  • bricklink.com Price: ~$75 - $85 USD
  • Part Count: 755 pieces
  • Dimensions: Length 14cm (28cm fully extended arms), Width 23cm (35cm fully extended arms), Height 24cm



PDF Manual, PNG for sticker printing, & XML/text Partlist for Bricklink.


ZiO Chao:  Flickr 


Mantis video:

Warthog & Scorpion video:



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