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replies may take a couple of days

replies may take a couple of days

Luke's Landspeeder - Minifig Scale

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.


Builder: Fuku Saku

Parts Count: 309

Instructions Only!

Luke's Landspeeder (X-34) is essentially the sci-fi equivalent of a 90's Honda Civic. It's an old reliable little vehicle with basically nothing going for it except that it works, it's cheap, and you don't mind if it gets a dent or two. Yet somehow this funky little speeder has ingrained itself into pop culture and is one of the most endearing zip crafts of all time. This speeder is my favorite example of George Lucas's "lived-in universe".

The design seats two minifigures, + two droids can fit on the back. This build has been attempted by many custom builders in the past and we hope you enjoy some unique new techniques for a well treaded little model.


This purchase is for the instructions and part list ONLY. Please do keep in mind prices tend to fluctuate on the brick selling market.


  • BrickLink Price: ~$55 - $65 USD
  • Part Count:  309pieces
  • Dimensions: Length 18cm, width 11cm, height 6cm

Landspeeder (alternate rare)

  • BrickLink Price: ~$110 - $135 USD
  • Part Count:  319pieces
  • Dimensions: Length 18cm, width 11cm, height 6cm

Recommended figs (Luke, Obi-Wan, C3P0, R2-D2)

  • BrickLink Price: ~$25 USD
  • Part Count: 4 figs


PDF Manual & XML Partlist for Bricklink.


Fuku Saku: Instagram | Flickr

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