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replies may take a couple of days

replies may take a couple of days

Sith TIE Dagger - Minifig Scale

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.


Builder: AceMOCs

Parts Count: 1518

Instructions Only!

Its official designation is the TIE/dg starfighter, its common name is the Sith TIE fighter, its more common name is the TIE Dagger, and then a kid told me once its real name is the TIE Dorito... What we do know about this TIE design (other than its pointy wings) is that it was the intended replacement for the standard TIE Fighters, being slightly better as a dogfighter and easy to manufacture in great quantities. There is no data that it could outperform interceptors or any other specialized starfighters.

This model can seat a minifigure pilot and has wing props for better display.


This purchase is for the instructions and part list ONLY. Please do keep in mind prices tend to fluctuate on the brick-selling market.

Files: PDF instructions and XML part list.

TIE Dagger

  • BrickLink Price: ~$165 - $185 USD (TIE + display stand)
  • Part Count: TIE Dagger 1482 pieces (wing props 36 pieces) total = 1518 pieces
  • Dimensions: Length 26.5cm, width 25.5cm, height 24cm

Builder: AceMOCs - Instagram


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