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replies may take a couple of days

replies may take a couple of days

Antique Store & Ice Cream Parlor - Modular Building

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.


Builder: Łukasz Ćwik

Parts Count: 3253




Wandering through an antique store is one of the simple pleasures in life, especially on an afternoon with an extra hour or two to spare. The ornate yet dingy interior gives off a real flair for the authentic. The ice cream parlor next door is full of bright colors and harkens back to the carefree style of the 1950's. On the next floors, we have a contemporary living room with a kitchenette and adjacent bathroom. While the room over the antique store belongs to Clyde the professional streamer. Final floor on top is a bedroom with a dresser, fireplace, and kitchenette. The model is on a 32x32 baseplate and fits seamlessly with other modular buildings.


This purchase is for the instructions and part list ONLY. Please do keep in mind prices tend to fluctuate on the brick selling market. There is also a version of the model that doesn't have an interior if you're more interested in having a building that just looks good on the outside :)

  • BrickLink Price: $370~$385 USD  
  • Part Count: 3253 pieces 
  • Dimensions : Length  26cm, Width  26cm, Height  29cm


PDF Manual & Partlist for Bricklink.


Łukasz Ćwik

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