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Havoc Marauder Set Modification

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.


Builder: Steve M. Robinson

Parts Count: 1025

Instructions Only!

The Havoc Marauder is an Omicron-class attack shuttle that served in the early days of the Galactic Empire. It functioned as the main transport and a forward base of operations for the Bad Batch. Due to its high cost of construction, not very many of these ships were produced. If you were unlucky enough to face off against one of these shuttles in open space, it would be tough to pursue, destroy, or escape.

The model is a modification of the Lego Havoc Marauder set 75314. It emphasizes a more detailed front end, canopy, engines, landing gear, and interior. 


This purchase is for the instructions and part list ONLY. Please do keep in mind prices tend to fluctuate on the brick-selling market. It comes with two color combo, Dark Bluish Gray or Sand Blue.

Havoc Marauder (using original 75314 set):

  • BrickLink Price: ~$90 - $110 USD
  • Part Count: 740 pieces

Havoc Marauder (full model):

  • BrickLink Price: ~$100 - $120 USD
  • Part Count:  1025 pieces

Havoc Marauder Sand Blue (using original 75314 set):

  • BrickLink Price: ~$75 - $100 USD
  • Part Count: 659 pieces

Havoc Marauder Sand Blue (full model):

  • BrickLink Price: ~$120 - $140 USD
  • Part Count:  1072 pieces

    Stand (6 figs):

    • BrickLink Price: ~$10 - $15 USD
    • Part Count:  112 pieces, 110 pieces (5 figs)


      • Length 25.5cm, Width 14cm, Height 23.5cm (landed)
      • Length 25.5cm, Width 46cm, Height 30cm (flight, on stand)


        Builder: BrickLord1  |  Instagram

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