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Jedi Interceptors - Minifig Scale

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.


Builder: Thomas Jenkins

Parts Count: 540

Instructions Only!

The Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor is a high-performance starfighter prominently used by Jedi Knights during the final years of the Galactic Republic and the tumultuous times of the Clone Wars. Sleek and agile, the Eta-2 boasts a streamlined design optimized for speed and maneuverability, with a distinctive dagger-like silhouette and compact frame. Powered by twin ion engines, it can achieve incredible speeds both in space and atmospheric flight. Armed with laser cannons and equipped with deflector shields, the Eta-2 is a formidable combat craft, capable of engaging enemy fighters and capital ships alike. Its advanced technology and close association with Jedi pilots make it an iconic symbol of the Jedi Order's martial prowess and dedication to peacekeeping across the galaxy.

This model features opening cockpits with space for a minifigure. It also has stable and accurate folding landing gear as well as a display stand.


This purchase is for the instructions and part lists ONLY. Please do keep in mind prices tend to fluctuate on the brick selling market.

Anakin's Interceptor (Yellow)

  • Price: ~$55 - $60 USD
  • Part Count: 539 pieces

Obi-Wan's Interceptor (Dark Red)

  • Price: ~$55 - $60 USD
  • Part Count: 540 pieces

Obi-Wan's Interceptor (Dark Blue)

  • Price: ~$65 - $75 USD
  • Part Count: 542 pieces


  • Price: ~$10 USD
  • Part Count: 88 pieces

Buzz Droid

  • Price: ~$5 - $10 USD
  • Part Count: 21 pieces


 Interceptor: 19 cm (length), 17 cm (width), 7 cm (height), 14 cm (height on stand)


PDF Manual & Partlist for Bricklink.


Thomas Jenkins:  Flickr | Instagram

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