AT-AT & AT-ACT Combo - Minifig Scale

  • $49.99 Instructions Only!
Instructions Only

Instructions Only!

Build the ultimate ground assault weapon for the Empire! This 5,500+ piece All Terrain Armored Transport features a perfect minifig scale design that will dwarf any model you sit next to it. Highly detailed, this model not only showcases immaculate exterior modeling but also has a completely finished interior with Power Functions LED lighting. Fill it with snow troopers for a Hoth re-enactment or maybe a squad of stormtroopers for one of the many other Battles that the legendary AT-AT took part in.

Also, swap out the head and add a cargo door to turn this into the All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport. This behemoth made it's famous appears in Rogue One during the Battle of Scarif. The orange decor certainly sets it apart from your standard AT-ATs and will definitely impress your friends.


This purchase is for the instructions and part list ONLY. The estimated parts cost to build one AT-AT or AT-ACT is approximately $700 USD.


PDF Instructions, LDD (lego digital designer) & XML Partslist for Bricklink.

Instructions By:    CharlesP Flickr


Richboy Jhae





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