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  • i just bought this set instructions and parts list, is there some where i can upload the parts list to automatically order all the needed parts? or how does this work? thank you

    Check out Q1 from our FAQ on this. It you hit a snag I can provide a deeper expaination for the uploading process.

  • I purchased the x-wing instructions and assembled it. What is the alternate curved piece on the end of the cannons? Is it Armor shoulder pad #88295?

    Yep that's the one :) You can also find that info in the 'Read Me' file too.

  • Is it possible to make a smaller version of this ship? And I'm not referring to LEGO set-scale.

    well we got the micro ships which are really small:

    outside of there we don't currently have plans on doing "midi" scale ships.

  • I wish to purchase one of your instructions for one of you moc's, do i need download any type of software before hand in order to view the instructions of the moc?

    The instructions come in PDF format. So you'll need any program that can read that filetype. Most computers and devices come default with a program that can read PDF files.

  • What are the dimensions of the X wing grey/red.

    Dimensions: length 38cm, width 32cm, height 11cm. Just added to the description :)

  • does the parts list include the minifig

    The partlist doesn't include the minfigure no.

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