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Lun-Ven, 9h-17h

UCCS Acclamator-Class Assault Ship

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.


Builder: FlyInSpace

Parts Count: 5152

Instructions Only!

The Acclamator-Class Assault Ship is probably most well known from its appearance on Geonosis in Episode 2 or in the Clone Wars series, where it acted as the primary form of troop and tank deployment onto the battlefield. It could carry up to 16.000 clone troopers, 80 Gunships or Dropships, 48 AT-TEs and 36 SPHA’s. As the smaller brother of the Venator-Class Star Destroyer it serves as the backbone of the Republic navy and stands as a stalwart symbol of military might in the galaxy.


There are two color combination included. This model is build to scale perfectly with our UCCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer by Martin Latta, has attachable landing gear, a stand, a carrying handle and foldable and extendable ramps on both sides.

Parts Cost: Prices tend to vary

regular variant ~$380 to $450 USD.

grey variant ~$360 to $420 USD.

Part Count: 5152

Dimensions:  Length 73cm, Width 44cm, Height 23cm (on stand) 19cm (on landing gear)                                       


(PDF) Manual & (XML) Partlist for Bricklink. Included for all three colors.

Builder: FlyInSpace   Flickr | Instagram 

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