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Lun-Ven, 9h-17h

Haunted House - Modular Building

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.

CHF 24.00



People don't go into that house anymore, not after the last time... Some say they can hear cackling, whispers, or even screams coming from the rundown victorian. Can't say I know much for sure, but one thing I know is true, something evil lives there. Enter if you dare....

The model is on a 32x32 baseplate and fits seamlessly with other modular buildings. It's a fully furnished interior with a kitchen, fireplace, piano, bathroom, master bedroom, child's room, and access to the balcony and rooftop. It would actually be a great place to live if it wasn't occupied by gouls and ghosts. 


 This is for the PDF instructions and digital partlist.

  • BrickLink Price  $375~$400 USD.
  • Part Count  4090 pieces. 
  • Dimensions : Length  26cm, Width  26cm, Height  37cm (14.5")


PDF Manuals & Partlists for Bricklink.


Łukasz Ćwik

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