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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Imperial Combat Assault Hovertank - Minifig Scale

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.


Instructions Only!

The TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" Combat Assault Tank has a name that's way too long. Known as the Imperial Assault Tank, this is one of the most logistically sound designs to come from the Star Wars universe. It's a low, treaded, well armored, and highly mobile military vehicle meant for fighting and transporting materials in dangerous areas for The Empire. First seen in Star Wars Rogue One, This tank can take quite a beating, as well as dish it out. 


This purchase is for the instructions of the Imperial Assault Hover Tank. Two versions of the orange containers are included as well. 

parts cost: approximately $85 - $95USD. + ~$25USD for containers

542 Parts in total. +  180 parts for the 3 containers


PDF Instruction manual & XML part lists for Bricklink.


Lucas - Flickr

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